Sunday, May 17, 2015

For years now, I've been a fan of Nirrimi Firebrace's work, and although I haven't been following her much in the past year, her earlier work has served as a huge inspiration for me in my adolescence. While running one day, I found a spot just right outside of school and I thought about how perfect it would be to do a shoot there. Despite not having seen Nirrimi's photos for a long time, one of her shoots in particular came to mind (click here to view it) and I thought about how amazing it would be to do a tribute and pay homage to her. And as I stood there, two people immediately came to mind - my friends Juliet Tolley and Will Cox. Images and visuals started appearing and flooding my mind, and I decided that I needed to make them a reality.

I eventually managed to get Will and Juliet together, and although it took us a couple of weeks to make it happen due to our busy schedules and a little convincing for Will (thank you Juliet for helping me persuade him!), we finally did the shoot. It is my pride and joy to share these photos, which I consider one of my best works so far. Thank you so much Juliet and Will for being a part of this wonderful experience, bearing with my constant cries from the thorns in my feet, being so such a joy to work with, letting me photograph your exquisite selves and helping me make this vision and dream come true. And thank you Nirrimi for bringing your gift to the world and for serving as an inspiration.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Early last month I took some photos of my beautiful friend Lora at a park I discovered from my running adventures by myself. The flowers were drying up and I've always wanted to photograph Lora, and so we did it.

Thank you so much Lindsey for taking us and Lora for such a great time!