Saturday, April 18, 2015

Several weeks ago I had a fun shoot with Meera around the campus. It turned out to be a very different shoot from what we had intended to be, and although the photos aren't my best (it was actually getting pretty dark out and I was unprepared as usual) I thought I should put them out anyway. Enjoy! Thank you Meera for being such a wonderful person to shoot with.

sea of love

Saturday, April 4, 2015

About a month ago, I had a great little photoshoot with Nina, Bhamini and Will, three of my favorite sophomores from my tiny Soka bubble. It was initially meant to be a shoot with Nina around our campus grounds, but I was feeling like heading to the beach because it was cloudy, and I decided to ask Will along while Nina got Mini too, and it was just one of the best days ever. Everything worked out perfectly even though it was all spontaneous, and I had such a great time shooting with them.

I first met Mini back in August during orientation week when I first got here to Soka; she was a student orientation leader (SOL) who hails from the great land of India. I met Nina a week or two later - we were both on the cross country team (gosh I miss those days). And although I didn't take any photos of Will (which I sorely regret and I now wish I did), I'm sure I'll have an opportunity in the future. These three people are so incredibly beautiful and wonderful in their own way and I'm so glad to know them.