two leaps of faith

Monday, September 15, 2014

We had a few days in between Fall Block and Fall Semester before the upperclassmen started returning to campus. It was the last few days we had the entire campus to just ourselves, the freshmen, so a few of us decided to take an afternoon hike which we finished with an impromptu (sneaky) visit to the pool. It was a wonderful and beautiful way to bid the Fall Block adieu and welcome the start of college life.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It has been a month since I have begun life in the States. Just thinking about that makes me feel like this is all just a dream, except it's not. I live in Aliso Viejo, a quiet little beautiful town in Orange County and I feel just at home here because it is very similar to Singapore; safe, clean and peaceful. The weather is lovely too - warm and sunny days with clear blue skies perfect for the beach and chilly, starry nights suited for star-gazing. I live on campus like all SUA students, and we're only a fifteen-minute drive to the quaint Laguna Beach. I am so blessed to be living in such a beautiful part of Southern California.

Fall block has just ended last week, and fall semester begins this week so the upperclassmen are just returning to campus now. I am glad the freshmen had the school to ourselves for an entire month, it was a great opportunity getting to know people from my class and forming new friendships. The first week of school was filled with countless freshman orientation activities that were fun, and the remaining three were occupied with daily philosophic classes that required us to read (a lot) and write to prepare us for college classes. This month went by very quickly; I've been reasonably busy and tired but I've also been having lots of fun and naturally been up to some mischief (which got me in some trouble). I'll be taking French, Psychology, Mathematics and a global studies class for this semester and I'm really excited for classes to begin.

I am so thankful I'm finally doing what I want in life right now. It's crazy to think that just a couple of months ago I was living in a nightmare, trapped like a prisoner for so long. This makes me even more grateful for this opportunity that I have. I feel so fulfilled being in SUA and although I've had not-so-great days when I feel incredibly alone and miss my friends and family at home, I wake up and look around the beautiful scenery around me and realize I am living my dream.