Sunday, April 17, 2016

Back in January, I spent about two weeks in Tahiti with a group of wonderful and intelligent people from my university to study Tahitian identity and the lasting effects of French colonialism. Being in Tahiti was truly a blissful dream come true. Whenever I think of Tahiti I remember the inhabitants of the remote island, who were such exquisitely compassionate and genuinely warm people. I've had such a great time exploring and learning about French Polynesia despite being unable to enter the beautiful waters for most of my time there (because I had cut my ankle on my first day of arrival out of reckless excitement and sheer stupidity).

If you wish to read about how we spent our time in Tahiti and what we learned, visit our blog at We also made a really video (click here) documenting our time there.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Over winter break in December and January I travelled up to Humboldt County in Northern California with Si Min and Grace to spend the break with Grace's family. The three of us flew up to Sacramento where Grace's dad, Brian, graciously drove us to Humboldt throughout the remaining day.

We spent our Christmas (my very first White Christmas ever) and New Year's Eve with the Lovells, who had welcomed us with open arms and loved us like we were family the entire time we were there. I spent my time in Humboldt finding solace in nature, reconnecting with inner demons, and collecting memories. I'm missing Brian, Harriet, Nora, Ted, Bonnie, and even Bill. The Lovells and Watsons are the most kind and lovely people ever and I miss them so much! I will always be grateful for their hospitality and kindness showed to me. I miss Humboldt County incredibly and it will always have a special place in my heart.